Mobs are the main Antagonists of the Minecraft game. Most of them spawn at night, and some die when daylight comes. If you are in Survival or Adventure mode, mobs can damage your character.


There are many types of mobs. Some include

Zombies -Most common mob in Minecraft. They deal a fairly small amount of damage to your character and attack you with their bare hands. They drop rottten flesh and sometimes potatoes, iron ingots, Zombie Heads, corrots, and Iron shovels. Zombies are rarely seen in armor and holding weapons. If you die, and you are wearing armor or are holding a weapon, a zombie can pick it up and wear it

Skeletons - Skeletons are the second most common mob in Minecraft. They die in sunlight. They hold bows and shoot you at long range with arrows. They drop bones, arrows, Skeleton heads, and sometimes their bow. (It is usually in bad condition.) They are rarely seen in armor and holding weapons. Sometimes their bows are enchanted.

Spider - Spiders are the third most common mob. They usually are found at night and at the mouth of caves. They drop string, spider eyes, fermented spider eyes, and Spider heads (which are extremely rare). They do not die in sunlight, but they are not hostile in the sunlight. Spiders can climb walls.

Creeper - Creepers are probably the most famous and well-known things in Minecraft. Creepers do no die in sunlight and when they are near you, they blow up. Creepers drop mainly gunpowder. They also drop cracked music disks and Creeper Heads. They make a sound similar to that of a snake. A soft hsssssssssssss.

Enderman - Enderman are a spin-off, and are sometimes mistaken for, the urban legend Slenderman. they are tall, slender black mobs with extremely long limbs. They have glowing purple eyes and can teleport. Enderman become hostile when you stare at their eyes. Their mouth open really wide, and very loud, creepy noises start to sound and then the Enderman attacks you. Enderman are immune to arrows. If you shoot one at them, they teleport away and take no damage. Enderman are very hard to kill because of their teleportation abilities. They drop Ender Pearls, which can be used to craft Ender Eyes, which can be used to go to The End, which is the Demension where the Endermen are from, as is the Ender Dragon.

Cave Spider -

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